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The Crucible

Face Academy programmes offer intensive, audition-only training and performance opportunities to skilled performers aged 10 to 21.  A specialised curriculum dedicated to the overall development and core understanding of the chosen field while working towards a polished and professional performance is included in each programme. An audition is required to be accepted onto the programme. 


Face Drama 12+ years (The Crucible)

Our specially designed course educates aspiring actors in the history and practice of theatre and performance. The programme introduces different methods of acting and approaches to text work while rehearsing for a full-scale play to be staged at a professional theatre.

Class timings:   Thur | 6.00pm - 8.00pm

Video Auditions Required                  

*Lessons are once a week. 8 lessons a term. 5 terms in total from September - June

Production Fee: HK$2,600           


Tuition Fee: HK$4,500 per term

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