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About Hunt  

Hunt is about a group of Belfast teenagers playing their version of hide and seek. Their version entails 'borrowing' objects from their neighbours back gardens, and 'dumping' them at the 'box' without being caught, by either the official pursuers or the neighbours who's gardens they are infringing upon - hence the chances of being caught are twofold. The more outlandish and extraordinary the object and the more difficult to acquire it is, the more kudos you score. The thing is, nearly all of these teenagers are far too old to play this 'kids' game, and it’s February, it’s freezing and there's a storm coming. Begrudgingly the 'band' gets back together, for one last game. However, this could be the worst decision of their tiny lives as little do they know that the rumours about the strange, predatory ‘Man in the Van’ are true and the even stranger, dangerous, the one everyone has been warned to stay away from, ‘Mad’ Danielle is back on the block. This is a hunt they will never forget.

Show Information

  • Date: 21-22 April 2023

  • Venue: McAulay Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Arts Centre

  • Time: ​

    • Friday 21 April 7:30pm

    • Saturday 22 April 7:30pm

Mcaulay studio seating plan.png
  • Ticket Price: $280

  • Free Seating

Limited tickets available for purchase on site, please contact us via +852 2501 4861 or Whatsapp us at 852 9737 2907 before coming. Thank you.

Admission Rules

  • This show is suitable for ages 10 and above.

  • This show contains strong language.

  • Regardless of age, each ticket admits one person only. A valid ticket must be presented for admission.

Seating/Ticketing Arrangement

  • Our production team will process your request according to the order of submission.

  • Seating requests are not provided. Your seating arrangement will be arranged for you by our production team.

  • Tickets cannot be ordered or held without payment. Orders that contain inaccurate or incomplete information will be delayed.

  • Lost or stolen tickets are the responsibility of the purchaser and cannot be replaced.

  • Tickets will be ready to be picked up two weeks before the event at Face productions WCH or from the front desk at the theatre on the weekend of the event


  • Once purchased, tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded. Tickets are non-refundable under any circumstances.

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