WHat to expect from your audition

Face Academy™ (including auditions for seussical jr)

  1. Perform a monologue or poem to show your acting skills and use of expression (Not longer than 1 minute)

  2. Sing a song from a musical to show your vocal ability and use of expression (Not longer that 1 minute) a monologue

  3. Be aware that Production Week for Seussical Jr is 13 - 20 January and full attendance is required to be cast

Face Voice™

  1. Perform two contrasting songs of your choice to show your vocal ability (Not longer than 1 minute)

Face Dance™

  1. Perform one movement piece / dance of your choice to show your dance ability (Not longer than 1 minute)

Students who previously enrolled for Sept 2018 - Jun 2019 do not have to re-audition. Casting for Seussical Jr will take place during Face Academy’s scheduled training sessions. Make sure you’re enrolled for this term, though. Click here to enrol for September.

All Face Academy training and production students are required to pay a production fee of $1,800 per production. The fee includes all production costs, a DVD of the performance, and a show souvenir.

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Face Academy™ will perform Seussical Jr in January 2020. Auditioning for Face Academy will lead to being cast in Seussical Jr.
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For Face Academy™ Senior Seussical auditionees only. You can refer to the character list on the Prep for Your Audition page.